Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Application of organizational behavior concepts Research Paper

Application of organizational behavior concepts - Research Paper Example There are many major problematic issues considered toxic for organizational behavior (OB) and employee turnover rate by the researchers and human resource managers and some among them happen to be motivational issues, leadership issues, and stress-related issues. All of these grave and toxic issues for turnover rate and OB will be discussed at length in this paper while the relationship shared by each of these issues with OB will also be identified and contemplated. This paper basically strives to describe these three problematic issues which are proposed to be especially dangerous for OB and also identify effective solutions for eliminating these issues from the workplace for the betterment of the organization and the workforce in context of a Healthcare Inc. which is facing a challenge with high employee turnover. This paper will also explain how I identified the issues that were at the root of the turnover issues and why I think the measures proposed by me to the Healthcare Inc. w ould turn out as effective and successful. This remains a solid fact that the importance of the interview process in finding out the root causes of employee turnover is exceptional and phenomenal. This is a kind of magic tool which is totally unavoidable and unforgettable if finding out the reasons behind employee turnover is seriously intended. Even the HR professionals frequently employ this very important tool in their investigatory processes. Likewise, I also began my investigation for discovering the issues behind turnover by interviewing the employees working at the Healthcare Inc. which is apparently exposed to certain pressures consequential of high turnover. I designed a questionnaire including five questions referring to how unmotivated the employees feel at work, how stressed they feel at work, how bad the leadership is, if the workplace diversity affects them much, and if power and political issues influence the workplace environment. These questions were asked by every employee. Though a broad range of factors is reportedly responsible for OB issues like employee turnover but the results of my interviewing process highlighted three issues to be largely responsible. These happened to be motivational, leadership, and stress-related issues. I found a majority of employees to be dissatisfied with the leadership at Healthcare Inc. Some blamed the uninvolved managing style for high turnover while the rest laid the blame on the authoritarian or bossy leadership. As mismanaged behavior directly influences the workplace environment so the rate of stress at workplace also happened to remain high all the time and the workers reported about feeling stresses out and unmotivated at work. If leadership is imperfect and inappropriate, the kind of which neglects the preferences and needs of the workforce, if the workers start feeling stressed out when managers refuse to give them their time to sort out certain confusions, and if the absenteeism rate shoots up when workers get unmotivated to work proficiently, then the structural framework of OB deteriorates rapidly. The damage done to OB is first identified often when employee turnover is noticed to be rising. A high employee turnover can cost a company millions of dollars annually which certainly is no small deal because not only does it damage the position of the company in the market but also it produces a direct bad influence on the morale of the employees. Work-related stress can be painful to the point of insanity and stress arrives on the surface when work-related pressures exceed the tolerance capacity of the workers which is when the work stress starts bursting at the seams. The arrival of stress, in the same way, is directly related to excessive work or persistent boredom which can be often seen at any workplace where there is an unchanging aura due to negative attitude reserved for changes. What makes the work-related stress a serious and hazardous issue is the worst kind of depre ssion it can lead a worker to. A

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How legalizing illegal immigrants would help the economy of the United Research Paper

How legalizing illegal immigrants would help the economy of the United States - Research Paper Example While some Americans believe that ensuring the legal status to the illegal immigrants will not create any threat to the country, others are reluctant to approve any such reprieve. So the debate is very delicate and requires a proper justification regarding economic impact of a policy that legalizes the illegal immigrants. If we see the background of this issue, we observe that the illegal immigrants, the foreign nationals enter the USA devoid of any legal and proper immigration route and stay in the country. Generally the immigrants come to settle in USA for searching of better jobs, more money and to enjoy better standard of living, which is lacking in their native nations. At present in USA the 1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act have granted almost 3 million illegal immigrants the legal status as the permanent residents of the country. This law has also approved the case of the employers who has hired the illegal foreigners. To control the number of illegal residents some laws were amended in 1990. But those were proved to be inefficient regarding that issue. To provide the legal certificate to almost 12 million illegal residents of the USA, a bill was also commenced in 2007. But this bill was also unsuccessful to provide any such solution. (McFadyen). In USA, since 1990, the number of illegal immigrants has significantly enlarged though the then government spends huge money for amending an immigration enforcement act to control the entry of the unauthorized foreigners into America. One of a major reason behind this fact was that the illegal immigrants tried to gat an entrance in any way into America until they became succeed neglecting the government’s increased expenses to the security border of the country. At present they maximum number of illegal residents are found in California, but almost in every state of the USA there are some illegal immigrants reside. Almost half of them are